Pixgrammer offers Raster to Vector conversion Service of catering to the needs of wide variety of clients Worldwide, such as web sites, magazines, sign makers, engravers, custom T-shirt printers, plaque makers, vehicle graphic makers, large format banner printers, emblem and badge makers, graphic design companies, Lithographers, engravers etc . With the help of raster to vector conversion modifies data as well as image to its vector format.

With Raster to Vector conversion, there will not be any loss of details or quality and its printable them in desired resolution.

R2V requires designer to manually replace the bitmap with various lines & wire-frames. To do this task, extreme care and attention is necessary. Skilled designers can save time without compromising on quality of the conversion.

Pixgrammer consists of skilled artists who exclusive work on R2V process to produce best quality results. Based on the client specification varied image formats(namely IMG, PDF, JPEG, GIF and TIFF) will be provided.