Image Shadowing of an image gives natural and realistic look to the image. Pixgrammers excellence in Image Shadowing subsumes natural shadow, drop shadow and reflection shadow. Image shadowing adds richness to the images by making them look vigorous and perfect. Today image shadowing is considered as essential element since it blends the object and the background with natural looking shadows or reflections.In short Image shadowing gives life to flat and lifeless objects of the image. Pixgrammer makes sure that the designers deliver the best shadow effects with utmost quality.
Drop shadow is a that effect which creates mirage of a light source shining on an object from above so that a shadow appears to be shed behind the object. The crux of this method is that, a drop shadow is simply a grey or black shape which matches the main image and is placed underneath it and slightly offset. Softening the edges of the shadow helps improve the look and professionalism of the image, Drop shadows create a sense of depth and texture giving the impression that the object is slightly raised above its background.
Natural shadow follows the same tune but the difference is it produces the original or natural drop shadow of a image. In Natural shadowing method background will be replaced with white background then form a shadow that seems quite natural. This service is widely used for online stores, product photography, product catalog, magazines & newspaper advertisement design etc.
Reflection shadow creates effect which is similar to mirror or glass reflections. This graphic effect makes image flamboyant, vivid and attractive. Reflection effect is used in greater extent because it communicates richness of the product. . The hyaline look generated with reflection shadow is considered as very much appealing in advertising and e commerce fields.