Softmasking, alpha channel, or alpha composting is a channel/process used in graphic software to combine an image with a background to create the appearance of partial transparency. Softmasking is used widely for blend computer rendered images with live footage. In particular,Clipping Maskis used when Photoshop path alone cannot be used to get smooth edge on complex images such as hair, fur, or images having semi transparent or translucent objects like glasses, feathers, smoke, flames, culminating points, lighting, the muslin of silk, the muslin, etc.

Why Pixgrammer?
Image Masking Serviceis the most complex and magnum opus service ofPixgrammer Inc. Expert designers with sufficient professional experience in sophisticatedimage masking and clipping byzantine images likehuman hair, fur, glass, water, smokeetc successfully. Pixgrammer does all these masking like hairs, furs and other obscure and potential images very uniquely and precisely without damaging the actual shape of the photographs and images