Desktop Publishing & Prepress Services of Pixgrammer is one of its oldest and specialized professional Services. Pixgrammer provides individual consideration and an experienced approach to carry out each project to the highest possible quality. For Desktop Publishing & Prepress Service, we have highly skilled & experienced and customer-oriented global marketing professionals. We are equipped with latest and advanced software programs and imaging technologies for 100% quality output in our e-publishing Services. PXGR is also consists extensive range of prepress resources for high quality prepress publishing delivery. For prepress jobs, PXGR assess the objectives, collect the materials for prepress processing, commission the service for prepress, prepare, & deliver the final prepress publishing task.

We offer the best turn around time, as our prepress service managers are well versed with the timelines and strict deadlines involved in the dynamic prepress industry.

For Desktop Publishing & Prepress Services, we utilize the following softwares: Adobe InDesign (.indd), Adobe PageMaker (.pmd), Adobe Photoshop (.psd & .eps), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Acrobat Exchange, QuarkXpress (.qxd), CorelDraw (.cdt), Microsoft Word (.doc), Microsoft Publisher (.pub), OpenOffice Writer (.odt), Scribus (.sla), Autorun Media Studio (.exe e-books), and distinct e-book plug-ins.