Complex Clipping pathor Multiple clipping path Service.

Multiple clipping path :
Image components can be modified in terms of color level, multiple filling, transform in any form in terms of opacity change, change in size, rotation and many more component adjustments like various filters & effects can be applied.

Multiple clipping path could be used with GIF & Flash composite animation, fashion catalogues, products of e-commerce websites, fashion photography, Web template catalogue design and many more. Multiple Clipping Path is an extension to the use of clipping path. Multiple Clipping Path is the process which is applied to modify the color of an individual or parts of an image/photo, make color correction.

Multiple clipping path/color path or color correction used in :
Gif & Flash composite animation
Digital Photography
Showbiz or fashion house Printing house
Photo studios
Turnaround Time
Magazine or Newspaper publishing company and so on.