Pixgrammer consists clients from many different countries; most of them are photographers, graphic studios, catalogue companies, web development companies, online sellers and printing press.
Why Pixgrammer?
Pixgrammer has been serving offshore clients(North America, US, Canada, , UK, Vietnam Switzerland, China, Australia, Europe Middle East, UAE, since 2002).
Pixgrammer operates 24/7 on a “12 hours” standard turnaround. However, the turnaround time can be as low as 4 hours, depending on the nature and demand of the job.
Since Pixgrammer operates 24/7, it can accommodate jobs from any part of the globe, regardless of the deadlines.
Pixgrammer offers competitive pricing without compromising on deadlines and quality.
Pixgrammer provides more than 30 different Services for Newspapers, Magazines, Advertising agencies and Printing & Publishing companies.
Pixgrammer strives to build-term relationship with its clients by providing them with tailor made solutions.
All finished jobs are re-checked and pass strict quality control parameters before delivery.
Pixgrammer maintains prompt communication with the clients. Average email responding time is 10 minutes by the Customer Service Department.
Pixgrammer allocates dedicated team for specific projects.
Free trail is available for all potential clients.
Monthly billing and online payment facilities.
Pixgrammer is fully compliant to the local labor law and ensures quality and healthy working environment for its employees.
Strict confidentiality is maintained regarding any client related issue.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Pixgrammer aims for that ‘Wow factor every single time’.